Adwords / Pay Per Click (PPC) Management


PPC Marketing

There are people searching for your business out there right now. We get you in front of them. Get hot leads via Google Ads, Display Networks, Facebook & Instagram Marketing.

  • We identify your target demographics and serve them with relevant content and ads. Over time, we use the data we collect to improve the ad quality, reduce your ad spend and increase your ad conversion.
  • We can target your customers and visitors to your website even after they leave your site so that you're always in the top of their mind, beating out the competition. Monitor your customer's activities and target them with appropriate offers thus striking while the iron is hot.
  • Running your own campaigns and they're not doing so well? Get in touch and we'll spruce them up and get you instant returns on your investment.

Social Advertising

With people spending hours on end on social media, it makes sense to advertise where they spend the most time. Target people in your area or with specific likes and dislikes. Target based on the conversations people are having with their friends. The targetting possibilities are nearly endless.


PPC Remarketing

Ever been followed around the internet by a particular company just around the time you were looking for the products they sell? Our smart remarketing allows us to do just that for you. The average user needs to be exposed to your message 5x times before they make a purchase.


Video Advertising

Video ads are increasing in popularity as they result in higher engagement and make it easier for you to get your message across in a short space of time. Our experienced videographer can shoot new footage or edit existing footage for you.


Display Advertising

Dynamic flash and HTML5 ads are attractive, memorable and have a higher conversion rate than normal text ads.