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Video is set to grow in the years to come and it is important to have a video element in your marketing mix. As attention spans diminish & bandwidths and the number of devices increase, video will help you get your message across quicker.
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Video Stats for Business

The latest 2016 social media stats for business. 217 NZ businesses and 1000's of members of the general public participated in these national surveys.

Increase in CTR of email marketing with video

You're more likely to increase your click through rates with video in your emails than with just text.


More likely to purchase after watching video

Users are 64% more likely to buy a product after watching a video than by just reading text.


Decision Makers

B2B decision makers are 65% more likely to review a product for purchase after watching a video.


Video consumers share more

92% of video consumers are more likely to share a product or service video with their friends due to the easy digestability

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